Wednesday, March 18, 2009

I love "Race To Witch Mountain" xD

Heyy!Just came back from Leisure Mall.Just now Esther,Jie Yee,Munteng and me..4 of us had a lunch together and of course we celebrate Jie Yee's Birthday.Tomorrow is Jie Yee's Birthday dy :) "Happy Birthday Jie Yee" xD And just now what programme we had??hehe..Around 1.30pm had a lunch at 'chuan tong yun tun mian',near by Leisure Mall.Than,we shopped Leisure Mall..Walk around..bought some sugar gummy food =P and 3pm plus we went Secret Recipe.At first,Secret Recipe full dy and we walk to the next door (Starbucks Coffee)..but only have a small table for 2 person...and guess what?At Starbucks saw Danny Wen (Malaysia Singer) with his!~ haha..No place to sit,what to do?Go Secret Recipe see whether got place or not lorr..Yay!We got a place.. :D and we ordered 4 piece of Cake..1 Cheese cake and 3 Chocolate ZAI?!!!HA HA HA...some more 1 piece also so big size dy..4 piece?How to finish?Hahaha..xP and guess what again?We saw Yow Looi xD He went the next door (Starbucks) free what..haha..and we finish the Cakeeee...TEEHEEE~~ Continued we went to watch movie >> "Race To Witch Mountain" So nice!I LOVE =D

<< Race To Witch Mountain =D
>Directed by Andy Fickman. With Dwayne Johnson, AnnaSophia Robb, Alexander Ludwig.

= Lee Choo =