Thursday, July 16, 2009

You Are Not Alone..

Heyy..You are not what?Yesterday,wednesday our school Koko perhimpunan...Before that..we have to sing "Negaraku" first,but had some mistake..they click "You Are Not Alone"..haha..Whole school shout..for 5 second like presentation by BI bersatuan,"You Are Not Alone"..Wow..~ All Crazy with that song..haha..Some of them keep shout..haha..and i notice a Malay boy hide behind there with MJ style..LOL..Thn i tot he wan to dance or moon walk 1..watever la..But thn..zzz..he just stand there and sing the whole song thn walk away..=="' With MJ style use 1..hahaha..Whole song i just heard MJ voice xD Cant even heard students voice..nice lar like that..hahahaha..but next time have to open loud a bit this few week,our school keep baik i din kena =P waste time lar..=="' Every week spotcheck around 2/3times ler..zzz..Rambut..Kuku..Nametag..Lencana..Pocket..Baju Sekolah..everytimes the same thing..zzz..Today spotcheck Pocket..thn tomorrow?haiz..haha..waste a lot of time there..hahaha..oklar..Stop here xD


And and and and..this fews days i keep play Friends For Sale xD Kinda nice 1 actually..hahaha..Keep buy my the photo about my Friend "pet"..=P

= LeeChoo =

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