Friday, March 19, 2010

I'm Back! =)

I'm Back! =) Holidays,not bad.Luckily Samantha ask me for KL 3 days trip,if not i stay home and bear mushroom Yea,tuesday i went there and thursday came back.We stay in KL Plaza Condominium for 3days 2night,just right beside Pavilion KL =) 3minutes can reach Pavilion dy.Hahaha..Between,the condo got swimming pool,gym,sauna room..etc.Night time,we walk all the KL streets..and now only i know night time got so many people and event there..mmm..=) Quite nice to have KL trips,i remember the second day..Sam went for class and no one in the room..On the air-cond,listening to music and lying on the very softy bed.Very very nice =)

Pavilion KL.
This is where i spent my time for this 3 days.

The first day,went Subway for Lunch.

This is Mine!Don't touch =P

The view from our Room..

The Room.
Just Simple and Nice.

The Swimming Pool.

The Sauna Room.
It's Big,Bigger than Genting View's Sauna.


This is me and Chiaw Ying.
(Samantha's cousin sis)

Me,Chiaw Ying,Samantha and Munteng

Me,Chiaw Ying.Munteng and Samantha.

Me,Munteng and Samantha.

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