Friday, May 7, 2010

Relationship to Cherish ♥

My post much has been written about Friends and Friendship.Have you all heard this Children Song before?One of my favorite ; "Make New Friends,but keep the Old,one silver and the other is gold." The word friend always meant to love and the word love also means to cherish.True friendship is a created by love and concern for your special friends... Relationships with Real Friends should be cherished.Friends are parts of my Life,I seriously Fall in Love with them.♥ But Satan also trying so hard to took away my Close Friend,and did success.

One of my close friend,Sue Lyn.Last years i use to be very close with her in Group Shammah.She's very Friendly,we keep our relationship tight though.She everyday Sms me,we did chat and share our daily life style.But this year she disappear,i'm not really agree with the reason she gave me =( I trying very hard to push her to come church.And recently,the Sms between me and her less dy.You will come back one day,I Miss You ='( ♥

But God knows i really need them and he sent me a very good friend,Xiao Jun.She's very friendly too,I Love Her.Thanks for always being with me wherever i go,I won't let you go =P And nowadays my Inbox full of Your message dy.Haha =) Hearts you,I know you're a very good friend for everyone =) Continue grow in Him Babe!That's our style. =O

I Miss You,Sue Lyn.='( ♥

Thanks God for this Girl.
Xiao Jun. =') ♥

Our first photo.

Of course,i didn't forget my 4 siao gal.(Samantha,Pui Mun,Pei Tze and Xiao Jun) I Love You all,don't go away from me ='( Yea,I agree with Pui Mun "Age doesn't create any gap between us,we are like long lost sisters and finally found each other." We must keep our relationship tight,don't fall in Satan's plan.Cherish the moment while we're still in the Same group =') Although this year Samantha didn't same group with us,quite Sad when i get this News.But we have the other way to make our relationship tight right? ='D We'll imagine you're with us wherever we go..Love You.♥

-My 4 Siao gal-

Samantha =')

Pui Mun =')

Xiao Jun =')

Pei Tze =')

Remember this picture?2008.Yea,
I didn't know i did took this pic before.
But lets see,
last time we are like 'Strangers'.
But now we've found,
we're like 'Sisters'.

"I cherish my Friends and
I Hope to never let them
forget how much
I appreciate them
In My Life."♥
-Lee Choo-

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