Friday, August 26, 2011

Love Flight's Diary ♥ 爱的飞行日记

I crystallize love, I put my heart into it.
The thing that will melt is, this decision to love you.
All that remain is the response of speed, we're closing in the milky way.
Facing the falling stars. I concentrate when I'm praying.
I fly for love, I break away from the passion of gravity.
To search for a star, just to name after you.
I use light-years to convey love.
In a gravity-free environment in the universe I land for you.

我将爱结晶, 我用心, 永不融化的是, 爱你的这个决定.
剩速度回应, 向银河逼近. 我对着流星, 祈祷时专心.
为爱飞行, 脱离地心引力的热情.
找一颗星, 只为了你命名.
我用光年传递爱情. 我在宇宙无重力的环境为你降临.

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