Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Genting Highlands

Last Thursday went Genting Highlands, 2days 1 night with sis, mom and mom's friend. :) The day before which is Wednesday, only we decided to go up there. A little bit to rush, Hotel FULL! So I spent that 1 night slept inside the car with my sister. My fever, flu and cough even went worse. Keep on sneezing and cough, no medicine and its super cold that night. Pity! Haha. Guess what? Almost the whole day my sis and mom accompany mom's friend in Casino. So ya, mostly I online in Starbucks. It's boring actually and cold. But! At least I got some entertainment up there before leaving :D When I walk around Genting, I saw Glitz poster. A show where there is an Magician - Charles Bach from USA, The Mystical and Acrobatic group from China,  Sand Animation artist - Diana Pusnankina from Ukraine and Light, Action and Musical performance from Glitz group. RM70 for Glitz ticket + Buffet for 1 person. Fantastic! This is what I can say. Friday back to Cheras. :) It's a nice trip, cause I get to eat yummy buffet and watched a super extremely fantastic show! heee :)

Its Glitz's counter.

It's PetShop! Nice bag, nice quality and nice things.
Reminding me of Iris. Haha :)

My first beverage there.
Chocolate cream chips. :)

Dearest mom. :)

I feel like playing this, anyone? :)

Heee! Its Strawberries. :)

The buffet I went. It's very yummy. :)

The pretty dessert.

Yummy foodsss.


The tickets! :)

I've watched! It's really Fantastic. :)

Day 2, the next morning. Super cold, freeze.
Cup of hot chocolate to keep me warm. :)

Going home. :)

On my way home. :)

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