Thursday, August 27, 2009


Hello~ Hahaha...This fews day my time table Full!Monday Suet Ling came my house,we chit-chat,online and around 6pm she went to church for practice.Tuesday Mun Teng and Suet Ling came my house xD Also the same thing..chit-chat and online lar..and both of them went church for practice.Continued,special Wednesday..wake up on 8.30am,because 9am have to go Sam's house and kacau her.Hehehehe..We watch horror hamster doggie Mylo..take silly photo..and around 11am++ we went The Store bought some snack and drink.While we passed by brinjal..because eemay love to eat we bought 3 brinjal and wrapped like candy for Eemay birthday present.

That second,i very excited to see eemay expression =P We also bought Birthday card and Cake for her =D When on the way to Love Bakery shop,passed by a flowers shop.Pei Tze bought Rose for her too xD Love Bakery,we bought Chocolate Cake for our snack!Yeppy~ hahaha..Buy cake for no reason xD For FUN!Hehehehe...We Fool around..Play around..8.15pm went church for practice Song Fest till 11.15pm =) While Kim fetching me home,suddenly Sam and me felt hungry,we reverse back to Alim and order Indu Mee for our supper.12.45am reach home xD Spent 15hours plus with my Darling Sam...Hahaha!!Well.Today~ Suet Ling,Mun Teng and Iris came my house..haha..guess what?Also the same thing..haha..Chit-chat and Online..Hehehehe..and what we have tomorrow?! 11am Suet Ling,Iris,Mun Teng and Me go Time Square~~ Saturday??Song Fest 7!!Yay~ *Forgot to do revision* LOL!!!

Our Chocolate Cake!

Darling Sam and Me

Sharing Vitagen xD

Me and Darling Sam

Me and Pei Tze

Stupid Face


Smile =D

Big Smile =D

Sotong Ball

Shammah Song Fest Team :-

Promoting Song Fest

= LeeChoo=

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Anonymous said...

Was searching for the words to "God will make a way" Found them on your blog.

Saw the pictures on the site - The shorter one in "Sam and me" looks a tiny bit like my wife who was adopted.