Tuesday, August 25, 2009


Wohoo~ Getting lazy to update my blog already lol but

Yeah!Holiday again xD and PMR is getting very very near..

!!*..Holiday not bad lar.This month busy with Song Fest =D

This morning together with Irene,Munteng and SuetLing went KL

and Jusco maluri..buy something for this coming saturday (Song

Fest 7!) and jalan-jalan..4pm reach home..online..and now

09.42pm..later 10pm watch Ntv7 My Kampung House till

11pm,afterthat sleep i think..
Next!Next!Tomorrow going to

Dimples Samantha's house at 9am!Kacau her~
So she have to

wake up in the early morning too
=P Hehehehehe.. (silly

laugh,learn from Sam) So cute 1
LOL!!Go Sam house watch

Fear Dot Com!
Yeah~Yeah~ Horror Movie..love deep deep xD

Tomorrow 9am Play around..Fool around..thn 8.30pm

practice..around 12hours
Haha!Have fun have

okler..Nothing much to blog already..good Night =)

= βγε βγε =
= Lee Choo =

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