Sunday, September 27, 2009

I got a feeling,that tonights gonna be a good night =D

Wow..I'm back!Dint update for 1 week+1 day =P Ok.Haha..This few days quite Happy =D Thursday my 3gals came my house play again xD Thn munteng and Iris went back at around 6pm..Guess what?lol..12.35am me and suetling walk to munteng house find her for yam cha..Ok.No next time,dangerous and Scary~ Then both of them stay over night at my house =D The next day friday,they all went back at around 7pm and I went church practice for Song item and Saturday 2.30pm go church for Program1..Continue,Program 2. 6pm went Linus's house for Moon Light Dinner =) Steamboat~Steamboat~ and we play 3 round killer.syok!First round i kena killer.I killed sam!cj!wayne!kafei!jim!james!peitze!and forgot who else xP Love this games.After that we went opposite Liew's house de playground and play lantern =) Then everyone carry the lantern and play kejar-kejar xD First round,those who wear long pants,chas those who wear short pants.Second round,those wear short pants and chase those who wear long pants.And the last round,Shammah chase Uriah!!

And today after SDC class..Went Time Square with Linus,Pei Tze and Sue Lyn.We watch G-Force =D So cuttteee xD Walaoz..Guess what?Watch untill half. way.Just Dance,I Gotta Feeling,Don't Cha,Boom Boom Pow and a lot of song pop out as background music lol Shock me!Hahaha..Then..silly us.After movie,went Starbucks -> Subway -> Starbucks -> Secret Recipe.. =="' Peitze bought Starbucks hot chocolate then me and dear dear suelyn went secret recipe share a piece Chocolate cake..So zai and full~haha..Then 6.25pm reach church for the Outreach night =D I got a feeling,that tonights gonna be a good night..that tonights gonna be a good good night~ Bye


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