Tuesday, April 10, 2012


Hey. If you know, I just shifted my house not long ago. Shifted on Valentine's Day, so it's about 2 months and I'm happy with it. About 2weeks ago, my house got a house warming. Thanks for those who came and join the fun with me. p/s: Iris, Suet Ling, Mun Teng, Yen Teng, Vivienne, Irene, Bobo, Jowene, Michelle, Jasmine, Samantha Wong and the family, Daniel, CJ, Kian Pooi, Kenneth and Je Hsi. :)

Spot the shoes. Whose shoes?


Michelle self-shoot.


Enjoying the meal. :)

Daniel, like yes. Haha.

"Aiyo, I dunno how to play. Teach me!" said Daniel.

Me, Bobo and Amanda.:)

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