Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Song Festival 6 picture-Gideon won

Up L-R-kafei,joey,kayson,dillon,john,linus and cyrus.
Bottom L-R-me,edlina,eemay,munteng,shueh-yi,jenny,samantha,yenteng,puimun,weiyee and yvonne.

Cyrus (Grp Gideon Commander)

Esther (Grp Gideon Mentors)

Up L-R-john,linus,cyrus,jenny,samantha,yenteng,puimun and weiyee
Down L-R-munteng,shueh-yi and yvonne.

Up L-R-kafei,joey,kayson,dillon,john,linus and cyrus.
Bottom L-R-edlina,eemay,munteng,shueh-yi,jenny,samantha,yenteng,puimun,wei yee and yvonne.

Edlina,eemay,samantha and kayson.

Up L-R-kafei,joey,kayson and dillon.
Down L-R-puimun,weiyee and yvonne.

Up L-R-john,linus and cyrus.
Bottom L-R-shueh-yi,jenny,samantha,yenteng,puimun,weiyee and yvonne.

Up L-R-kafei,joey,kayson,dillon and john.
Bottom L-R-me,edlina,eemay,munteng,shueh-yi,jenny and samantha.

Seh Weng

Jason and casey

Linus (Grp Gideon Assistant Commander)

Kafei and linus

Best Group Song Fest 2008

Song Fest 6
*2008 Winner

Grp Gideon

Gideon say "blueahh!!!"

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