Tuesday, February 16, 2010

I Love You but i've chosen darkness.

I Love You but i've chosen darkness.=') I often close my eyes and i can see you smile =) You reach out for my hand and i'm woken from my dream..Although your heart is mine,it's hollow inside..I never had your love and i never will..and every night,I lie awake..thinking maybe you love me like i've always loved you.But how can you love me like i loved you when you can't even look straight in my eyes?=') I've never felt this way...to be so in Love,to have someone there yet feel so alone ='( aren't you supposed to be wipe my tears..the one who say that you would never leave?The water calm and still,my reflection is there...i see you holding me =) Someone i just know,no matter what..I'll always love you..=') *it's sooo true haha =)

Lee Choo

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