Sunday, August 1, 2010

I'm Back!=)

Tan Lee Choo Is back from Penang,time flies really fast. =) Miss you all very much,haha..Life without going church really different.Two days didn't go church,feels like few years didn't go church.Keep thinking what you all doing...this and that.HAHA!Didn't get to fellowship with New Friends and Friends.But most importantly is to obey momma so that she allow me to go church on sat and sun,listen what she said alright. =) Picture coming soon!

Before that,imma interview one person to ya all!I-Miss-Her really Much.HAHA!She's Iris's cousin,last time we use to play with her since small at around 4/5years old till the day she flied to UK at the age of 9!We did cried,i think?x) Know what?After that,we keep our connection by sending things like gift or card?Then we (two little twinkled) went post office and we bought stamp..measure the weight,paid for it and sent to UK.You know right,for that age of time..more or less our parents will still worry for our safety,but for our -Braveness- we Conquer.Holding hands,look right & left,walked for 10 mins and reached post office!Memorable enough right? =') Miss those day.

She is Debbie Yap. =)
Last saturday she REACH Malaysia!
We'll see you Next Saturday in Church.
Petra Youth Production,
Group Shechem!
*Oh!And she know Michelle Chen as well.
Such a small world

Life in UK.

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