Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Song Festival 2010

Hahaha,Song Fest is over.=D Group Shechem got 2nd place!
I'm Glad and feel proud of it.=)
Congratulation for Group Shechem,Group Aijalon,
Group Jordan and Group Araunah!
I'm sure that we all did our very best for God right?
We enjoy while we practicing together,
eat Chicken Rice together lol,
and a lot more.=)

Mc of the Day.
Sook Kuan and Ernest.

The guitarist.
Jonathan and Jason.

Group Shechem.

Group Aijalon.

Group Araunah.

Group Jordan.

Jordan soloist - Munteng

Aijalon soloist - Suetling

Shechem soloist - Richard

Araunah duet - Kimberly and Zixin

Aijalon's conductor - Louis

Shechem's conductor - Cyrus

Jordan's conductress - Sook Kuan

Araunah's conductor - David

Musical and Drama team - Song presentation

Speaker of the Day - Steven Yam

Congrats!Aijalon got 1st.

Congrats!Shechem got 2nd.

Congrats!Jordan got 3rd.

Congrats!Araunah got 4th.

Something happened that day,
and we Cover our face.=p

And we Laugh-out-Laugh.=)

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