Sunday, November 21, 2010


Was reading Samantha's blog just now and this came to my mind.When I was young,I wish to be like my friends.They got big houses,nice cars,rich and many things.I got like nothing compare with them and my family was poor,can't afford many things even face Meals problem sometimes.So more or less I will still envy my friends right.LoL My mom is the only one who support this family with 3jobs a day ; 6am-9am work as office cleaner,11am-6pm fruits stall and 7pm-2am waitress and wash dishes.Just like those movie with the poor mom and kid washing the dishes.Haha =) She didn't get the chance to study,last time they're very poor.So before and after school I will so call 'work'(help) with her.But we did have lots of fun while cleaning the floor,cutting fruits,washing dishes and many more.But these all is a past,will stay in our memories.=)

But I thank God for all these,without all these i think i will never know/experience things like that.Maybe till today,I'm still got no "Nice" house/car/phone/branded things and many more.But at least i got the things I needed that God gave me and now my mom not need to worry so much,for my sister and brother is working.Oh,I'm so blessed,I'm a blessed child.Still,people who is very blessed yet they didn't feel it but complain and didn't appreciate.If you think that's you,hope you appreciate every little thing in your life.For out there they are many people didn't even get to eat.=)

I Love my Mom.Ya,of course you do.If you all know,I'm sleep with my mom too.She is a very kind and very good mama.For those who know my mom,do you agree too?=p I Love Her and I really DO.In my friends list,there are many of them who "Do not" dare/want to kiss or hugs their mom/parents.I was wondering why.Some of them felt very 'wai' for doing that,some felt they grown up and shy to do so and many more reasons.I use to think and asked why and why for many times.Most of them are 'complete' family who afraid of doing things like this.Is they not close to their parents?erm...But for me,I love to kiss and hugs my mom everywhere for no reasons.Haha!=) Is nice isn't it?Agree with me?lol After i think for so long,once again I'm glad that i am 'so call' broken family too.Is so nice to sleep with my mom,hugs her tight and sleep.Sometimes i dream of horror thingy,I woke up and asked her to hugs me tight...and we sleep.Hehe,is so so nice. =') I agree with Samantha for this "my family is broken. but its very unique."I thanks God for the plan He had planned for me,thanks God for my little cute Mom and many things in my life.♥

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