Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Samantha's Birthday Celebration

As promised in my twitter, i'm back now to update my blog. =) Got nothing on my mind, just go through my facebook albums and decided to blog about the birthday celebration week ago. Sleep over at KL plaza apartment for 3days. It was really fun =)

- 21 April 2011 -
With Yen Teng took bus to Pavilion right after school. Meet with them in Manhattan Fish Market for lunch and went Snowflake after our lunch. Thought of walking around for while but the boys was tired, so we went apartment to rest and to wait for the birthday dinner! Had fun with all of them. =) *Samantha, Yenteng, Munteng, Peitze, Jenny, Celine, Ivan, Kane, Kian Pooi and Daniel.

Manhattan Fish Market @ Pavilion

Kane squeeze the lime and brush Daniel's teeth and lips.
Kian Pooi is having fun there and Daniel suffering.

Pity face.

Pei Tze.

Me and Yen Teng.

Me and Jenny.

Us! =)

The girls went Snowflake.

Sweet call from Irene Hor. haha =)

Me and the Birthday Gal. =)

KL Plaza apartment - C 145

Comfy queen size bed.

Guess where is this place?
It's Fahrenheit 88.

Me and Yen Teng - relaxing.

Yen Teng hiding inside after Ghost Talk.

Jenny hiding behind the sofa.

Birthday Dinner.

Birthday dinner at Mc'd.

Samantha with her birthday cake.

Went home after the dinner. Can't stay over with them cause
I got school the next day...

- 22 April 2011 -
Same thing goes to me, this time took Lrt then Monorail to the apartment. Went swimming with bunch of them after i reach there. Sucks, cause i'm sick. Having flu and cough that day.. and Daniel got influenced by me after swimming i guess, not sure for the others. Sorry guys. =/ I'm not suppose to swim, so won't influenced right. Haha, guilty... x) Afternoon we just swim then rest.. and night..

Went Manhattan for dinner again. =)

This time with her family.

This is yummy! =)

and After! Lols

After dinner walk around the KL areas. Lots of cars and people there.
Samantha with the mother and me with Daniel. =)

Samantha and her mom. =)
A lot people right. Like night market. Haha

Daniel playing with the machine. He asked me to
took a picture of him. Like yes. lols

Back to the room.
Lying on the comfy bed..mm..so nice =)

Daniel Kan.

Got caught by Daniel. haha

Pity him, sick edy..

Kian Pooi busy playing Plants vs Zombie

Dearie and Me. =)
- 23 April 2011 -
Went KLCC in the morning with my group for Easter outing. Went there lunch with them and they went shopping, playground and etc. Mmm.. nothing much, most of the time I was not with the group. Was busy shooting videos for some advertisement. Glad they had Fun. =) Afternoon back to church for Easter Outreach Night - Under the Carpet. Then night time went back to KL plaza apartment with Samantha and Kimberly and met up with her families and her relatives for midnight show - Ghost must be crazy. Again, I laugh so much for this movie. =)


Group Trophimus in the house.

 Shooting with this two ideas kings.
Wayne and Je hsi.
Fellowship at the playground.

Catch this for midnight show - Ghost must be crazy. =)

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