Tuesday, January 20, 2009


Heyeah~ 1week didn't touch my blog~now i'm back!!(^@^) Kinda busy with home work and night my sista wanna use laptop some more.My pc spoil ady larr! T.T So...that's why...=="' And yes!Tomorrow after school go BTS shopping with suet ling and munteng ^^ What to buy?Dunno..Hahaha..and..OHYA!Show you guyz some picture,YenTeng stayed my house before we go outreach night and we took some picture..LOL Anyway,we have a sweet time :)


YT:"Hey!Don't take pic larr!!..."

YT:"Hahaha..i know you take picture..."

YT:"See...185cm there..."

= haha..nice?Sure.. =
= Good Night =

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