Tuesday, April 28, 2009

♥♥ Susan Boyle : DD

Britains Got Talent!! (11 April 2009)
Susan Boyle
47 years old
From West Lothians

Idol- Elaine Paige

At first,people laugh at her.What?!? 47 years old,want to be Professional Singers?!?Impossible lah!Idol Elaine Paige?!?!!

But she really has such a wonderful voice~
The three judges (most notably Simon) was so shocked.Not just her voice, even her resolute eyes, honest attitude and cute bearing...so touching and so encouragingly...When i watch again and again,I cant control my tears,so touching.Her voice, recall my dream that far away from me. So touching, so deeply, I feel very warm from her voice.I cry, I think, because of her spirit, so great.You are the best Susan :D Your smile is so peace and lovely :) Peace mama xD Enjoy this song yea :) "I Dreamed A Dream".

love love =
= Lee Choo =

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