Thursday, April 16, 2009

Yesterday 15 April 2009

Yesterday xD SuetLing and MunTeng came my house,biasa la...nothing special..chit-chat,walk around,lying on the bed,play,listen to song and the most FUN thing we do is....??Guess what??We took VIDEO..hahaha..What kind of video??GHOST!!LOL Some more got geli-geli sound 1..IMAGINE (Soft and Slow:)"Weii~~Mou zao laaa..~~Ngo hai nei hao bin aaa..Mou zao laaa~~" Can you imagine that?Aiyer..think back also felt so scared~HAHA..Both of them took picture at my room xD Got some picture =)

Nice SHOOT =D Got feel a?Got ler~ haha

-SuetLing larr..-

Natural :) Nice xD




2pm,Leisure Mall or Time Square?YES!!~~ We decided to go Leisure Mall Neway sing k,and my sista fetch us there =D We sing until 7pm!!!!!!!SYOK?Hahaha...English song..WOW!!!!~~~ English song..luv* hahaha...I like English song ++ :DD I feel English song is BETTER~~ xDD

Neway hvn't update New Song..T.T Have to wait so long...zzz Anyway,Got picha~~

"Tak boleh tahan..Must stand and sing!!"LOL

Kena curi tangkap =P But nice xD

= Good Night =
= LeeChoo =

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