Sunday, May 31, 2009

Camp Astronomy =]

Yesterday morning 8am went school for Camp Astronomy...not bad la..But the lecture kinda boring xD Keep listen to a jie jie talk about the Sun,Star,Moon,Galaxy,Mars..blablablax..Around 11am,she giv all of us who had join this camp a Sundial (Paper Sundial)..Is just a piece of paper..and have to cut,stick and do by our ownself after she introduce the Sundial..12pm lunch time =D Chicken Chop with kari >.< Yummy~ 1.30pm gather in hall,thn she giv us Planisphere.Find the horoscope at night 1 la...Thn,she teach us how to do Water Rocket.Afterthat all of us do by said my Rocket is the most stable and flies the most higher 1..xD yeah~ Around 4.30pm they giv us certificate and take a group photo..thn can back home dy..hehe..Afterward,straight go to church for joining P2,Ice-Cream Making Competition..Fun!Hahaha..thn dinner at teratai =] That's all lar..

- How to use Planisphere?-

1.Hold the planisphere facing NORTH.

2.The apparent motion of stars is shown by turning the inner disc counter clockwise (the stars rise in the east and set in the west.)
3.Turn the inner disc until the date of observation on the rim matches the local time of observation on the envelope (Add 1 hour to observation time if use in places other than Peninsular Malaysia).
4.The constellations/stars seen in the window of the envelope will match those vision in the southern part of the sky.

5.Flip the planisphere over to observe the constellations/stars in the northern part of sky.

What is Sundial?

The Sundial is a time measuring instrument that is based on the Sun.Due to the Earth's orbit,the sun rises from the East and sets in the West.This is why the shadow of objects on the surface of Earth moves continuously from East to West.We can therefore determine the time based on simple theory.a Sundial determine the time based on the shadow of the centre pillar that falls on the face of the clock.However,there'll be an hour of difference between the time measured with our " Malaysian Time ".(Is because of our local adjustment of time.)

Example of Sundial..(China Sundial) find the horoscope at night..

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