Monday, May 25, 2009

This saturday

This saturday i have to attend school for "Camp Astronomy",morning 8am-5pm..T.T Cant join youth on 2.30pm and also Song Item..Actually Camp Astronomy is on April dunno what date one,thn teacher suddenly told us already relate to this saturday.HAIZZZ...Is ok!I'll join Ice-Cream Making Competition!Yay~~Last time a guys came my school and talk about astrology and astronomy..Last time i kinda interested too long..Not really interesting already xD He said that 2050,people starts to build hotel in the moon..Have to use around 20years to build..And for those who interest,can stay there or visit trip cost is around 30,000,000 USD..And have to wear those suit a..oxygen the moon lar..and go to the moon view how nice is our earth.. xD

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