Saturday, May 23, 2009

Dodge Captain Ball xD

Today normal ler.2.30pm went church,then around 5pm something..We went Mobil field for Dodge Captain Ball =D Sweaty day for me xD Now my leg muscle so pain~ Before game start,my perut damn pain 1..dunno why suddenly so pain,cant even stand straight..After play all 3 round..feel better oh..hahaha..weird?!LOL 6.30pm Times up,i felt like my leg is not my leg..Keep shake a bit..Have to walk slowly..hahaha..But thn rest a while,ok already =D 7pm++ went Pandan Perdana 118 food court makan..thn 9pm eemay fetch me home =D That's all for today..hehe NICE!luv*luv*

24/05/2009 Sunday
lol..Today more worse than yesterday!!More pain..aarrgg!!My back,waist and my 2 leg so pain! =.= Laught a bit thn my waist pain dy..zzz
Tomorrow SCIENCE paper!!xD

= LeeChoo =
= Good Night =

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