Monday, May 18, 2009

Sore Throat =(

This morning,7am only woke i wake and off alarm thn slept back..Afterthat when i wake again..walaoz..7am!Faster brush my tooth..wore uniform..tied hair..blablabla..faster wear my socks and shoes..thn rush to school with munteng..

Afterthat felt my sore so pain =( Having sore throat!!Today din really talk with my friend,they feel weird..why today I so quiet ar..Sore throat eh..Got la..answer them only lo.Keep drink water..haha..the last period,my BM teacher ask me giv a Ringkasan Point..I stand up and answer..Teacher keep said " I cant hear you.Repeat.." Walaoz..pain!Afterthat teacher come over me and listen to what i say xD Thn,drink water talk la..soft lo..loud thn pain..==""

Few days cant online,computer repair again =="

= Lee Choo =

= Night =

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