Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Bffs! =)

It's all about my Bbfs! =)
Heart them
*Samantha!My Bffs post here lar..haha..=)

Iris Chong :
The longest friendship between my bffs =) Since 4years old we met and grow together till now,hahaha..think back..a lot memorable and funny funny things happen between this 12years++..really a lot..haha..Till now..all the memory still with me,i still can throw all the memory out one by one started from 4years old..hahahaha..really Happy that i had a Friend like you =) and I really miss Debbie ( who is now at UK ) miss her right?..haha.. =)

MunTeng :
Standard 3 we're in the same class!But for my memory..that time we did't talk right?haha..till Form 1 we only realize that standard 3 we're in the same class..LoL then year 2006 you join Group Silas and together walk to school till now..lol..and a lot funny funny things you've done..hahhaa.. =)

SuetLing :
Ermm..I think i hang out with you the most..hahaha..yea,you join Group Silas too..and gone thru so many things..we slowly slowly close with each other..haha..Last time you,Munteng and Iris almost everyday came my house..play,record funny video,sing,chit chat,gathering..etc..Nowadays all busy with studies dy..haha..but still 1 week came my house 1 day or few days =) and you're the one who stay over at my house the most..hahaha!but I did enjoy while chatting with you all =)

YenTeng :
YenTeng!lol..If i'm not mistaken,I knew you from Friendster right? haha...We leave comment at friendster and find each other in the Church...that time 'heng' Friendster..silly lar xD haha..since the end of 2006 we started to talk with each other in church and we getting closer and closer.I still remember that you almost everyweek came my house and play 1 right?hahaha!Sometimes bring your hamster come and visit me also LoL! and I first know you,you very innocent lol...after close with you..woof..haha..naughty hah? ;)

Samantha Chang :
I never expected I'll close with you 1day..LoL!really..hahaha..but now I v.e.r.y joyful that I have a friend like you in my Life =) haha..since when ar?Since camp transformation 2009 we've talked a lot to each other right..dunno why..maybe we sit together?hahaha..1 sit change our friendship life =) Thanks God..and all the first time i gave you dy..Hahaha..First time sleep over at people house and 'ma pou' with you for So Many Days..haha..First time baked cookies with people which means you for around 8hours Long...LoL..First time watch movie with you till 5.30am morning..lol..and ...etc.. yalar.really happy that you trust me and share your personal things,secrets and even your feelings =) haha..
You still remember this or not..hahaha! =)

You : " blablabla...*secret..secret..*
Me : " You trust me ar?"
You : " hahaha..Yes!"
Me : " LoLs.."

Pei Tze :
hah!lol..You first came,hahaha..Not really talk with you..but you're very talkative that time..I remember trhat day after youth we had Dinner at Teratai..then you very talkative..very 'bising' LoL!Inside irene's car you keep repeating.."MSN AR!What's your Phone Number?!?!MSN LER?!Remember my name is PEI TZEEE AR!WHAT'S YOUR NAME DY ar?!?" eventhough just few sentence..but you keep repeating..lol..haha..then I agree with Samantha..you're a very annoying, paranoid, naive and cheerful girl. I think nowaday,I always 'zat' you..I think everyday..Msn..real life..haha..but very happy while 'zat-ing' you..duno why..but just wanted to play with you lar..haha.. =)

Sue Lyn :
SueLyn!!haha..when you first came..you're a very very friendly person =) which I like it..haha..although we're just knew each other for around half years,but for me is like..we've been together with each other for many years..hahaha!Thanks that you came up to me and share your personal things..haha..and i hope that my advise to you which is useful for you =) and thanks for everytime that you sms me to chat..haha..to keep this friendship tight,even though we hope we can same group this year..but nevermind,we're still in the same Church yea =)

= Lee Choo =

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