Tuesday, January 5, 2010

New School Life.

Alright,its all about New Class,New Schoolmate and New School Life.

Today,the second day with 4 Barter.Arts Class..everything fine..but alone =( really lonely :'( no one to talks with.Separate with all my friends x( This 2 days..1 sentence also didn't said i think..lol haha..funny isn't it?haiz..only 7 chinese girls including me..6 of them 1 pair 1 pair 1 pair...but me? =( And I have to sit this class for the whole 2 years,including next year (2011). Can I ? how come? =( but I keep reminding myself...God put me in this class surely got His purpose and so I pray =) Maybe this class make my future perfect?Maybe I can learn more hardworking with my study and more concentrate while teacher teaching?Cause nobody to talk with..haha.. and 1 of my teacher said,2weeks later see whether Account class enough space or not.If yes,I enable to shift to the other class..But I think back,i am a person who is not really likes maths and sucks in maths.Which way suits me actually? Is all about my future.Oklar,wait for God's view..God will make a better plan for me,for everyone of us.Only he know our needs..

This is how i looks like..

And this what I looks like close up..LOL!

- Lee Choo -
"Pray that i choose the right way."
" For my Future."

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