Wednesday, July 7, 2010

I'm Back!

Went Samantha's House stay over for 3days 2 night (03-05 July 2010).This is the second times i camping there.The most Nice Hotel i've ever been,can makan nice food,can online,can play Metal Slug,can chat the whole night without any hotel staff complain lol,can increase the relationship between Me & Dearie Samantha,sleep the soft bed with air-conditional and cost RM0.00 Nice right?I Love this Hotel larh..hahaha.

First night we play metal slug till 1am and chat for 3hours long till 4am+.Second day tired & sleepy but yet we went church for Sunday workship and meeting.=) Then,at night went Selayang food court makan 'ho jian' and Ikan bakar.Nice!=) After makan play Metal slug one round and we watch Avatar..Then we K.O dy. =D Third day Sunway Lagoon!I Lovin it.

First night.Play metal slug!=)

This weird thingy name PeiTze.

Me & Samantha trying so hard to
Kill peitze's Brain.=)

Took picture before we have
Our sweet chat.

Janganlah malu-malu =P


Second night we watch

Peace. =)

How about the Sunway Lagoon?We went Sunway Lagoon on 05 July 2010,Monday!=)

Before we leave for our
Sunway Lagoon trip!

On the way to
Pandan Indah..

Miss you badly
haha,yea you.


She hiao hiao.=)

Sunny Day

Waiting for
Siew Mei jie jie.

Siew Mei =)

Our Sunway Lagoon wristband =)

Samantha & Siew Mei

Tiger cafe.

Before we change for

The bridge.

Nice weather.

Disney bridge =P

WE. =)

Nice shoot from ME.

Sunway Lagoon.

Beach & Swimming pool.

Tired because of the
Bridge. =P

Siew Mei & Samantha.

Spot "Samantha".



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