Thursday, September 2, 2010

Day out with Iris and Suetling

The day before Merdeka Day,went Times Square & Pavilion with Iris and SuetLing.I received Suetling's called in the morning at 11.45am and 1pm depart from my house to Times Square =) We shop around and buy things till the afternoon 4.30pm and after that decided to had lunch+snowflake at Pavilion.Nice one..hehe..Once we reach there,find Samantha lar.Haha,then after a while we went to eat Subway.Monday sub-of-the-day,Nice.They even feels like eating the second round,but we very full And so we sit there and chit-chat for..quite long.Then Samantha suddenly appeared beside me and so we chat together.Great one.=D After Subway,we walk around and here we go Snowflake.Ordered three different flavor and eat together!=) Sadly,we didn't get to take pictures that day.But never mind,use back so call the 'old' pictures.haha

Me,Iris and Suetling with Nerd faces.
Took this when 2007,14 years old.
14 years old?Sound young,now?Old dy.Time

This year,2010 took this.
Got different compare with the previous one

The latest one with Iris.

The latest one with SuetLing.


Our Snowflake.=)

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