Monday, October 19, 2009

Fun and Tired =D

Hello!This few days was really fun and very tiring day for me.Hahaha..Ok,let's start from Friday (16/10).Friday morning around 10am+ I went Times Square with Peitze and meet Samantha at Eemay's place =] So,1pm had lunch together with Eemay at Barbq Plaza.Yummy =) Then Peitze,Sam and me went Neway sing k.2pm till crazy?haha!Afterthat we walk around and search for JenRuw birthday present =D Then 10pm something,we went to Pei San's (Peitze's sister) house watched TVXQ ''O concert''..hehe..Nice xD 2am went to our room and chit-chat until 5am oh! xD But kesian us,the next morning about 8am have to wake up and prepared for St.John Deepavali Party already..*Sleepy* haha..

Is ok.I learned a lot of things there just by helping to serve food,drink and cake to handicaps,orphanage,deaf,blind..I felt they really Enjoy it a lot,the performance,the food,the drink and the cake.For me i felt very happy lar,because God had plan this day for us and we know how blessed we are =) 1pm something went Church for P1 and P2..then around 8pm+ had dinner at Kuan's with Group Shammah..chit-chat..makan..and 10pm+ reach home.Tired!!Bath and sleep xD

The next morning,after Sunday Discipleship Class..around 2pm..birthday surprise for Wayne (Happy Birthday bro!=] )Afterthat we play hide and seek..long time dint play but not really fun 3pm+ went Gobi makan with a bunch of 6pm we watch 'Cloudy with a chance of Meatball' at Times Square =D 9.15pm reach home and rest.That's all =]

Took at St.John =)

MingWai,PeiSan,Wing,Me,Sam and PeiTze.

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