Tuesday, October 13, 2009

My chains are gone,I've been set Free!

Yeah!Pmr over already~ My chains are gone,I've been set Free! Let's celebrate!Hahaha..Okokla..This few days keep go Mc'Donald makan..lol..Cause 12.30pm-2.10pm free time,2.10pm continue the other paper..What to do?Go Mc'Doald!Just 3days Mc'd only lar =D Hehehe..Lunch time a lot people there,have to wait so long =.="' Haha..ok,Next!My birthday xD Thanks SuetLing,Iris and MunTeng for the handmade birthday card and all the words you guys wrote inside..I read until my Heart also melt already xD and also Thanks for the Nice Tee yea.Love you guys forever =] YENTENG!!Thanks for the wallet! xD Carol and Wing,Thanks for the Suduku book..lol..Peitze!Thanks for belanja makan & minum..haha!and Thanks Group Shammah for the "Angel" food and of course Thanks all for the warm hug and wished =D It is my Memorable day! Got to go..play nail art for a while first xD Bye~

We Are Shammah Family! =]

My dearest Brother's! =]

My dearest sister's! =]

= Good Night =
= Lee Choo =

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