Monday, October 26, 2009


Tired..tired..This few days very tired o(>﹏<)o Let's start from Friday lar.Friday night,Samantha came my house to sleepover xD Haha..Because the next day (saturday) 8am have to gather at church with Group Eleazar for Sg.Gabai trip lorr. o(^﹏^)o So,we lying on the bed chit chat till 4am something only slept and the next morning 6am something wake up then 7am WenCheong come and pick us.Slept 2hours.. o(=﹏=)o sleepy *yawn*!9am something start our journey and around 10am we reach Sg.Gabai!!Guess what? A lot people there ler.The water is very Cold and nowadays raining season,the water increased and it's quite dangerous.Plus a bunch of malays teenager there and they tried to molest girls when playing the slide o(>﹏<)o dunno them lar.But Yvonne come and warn them o(^﹏^)o So around 1.30pm..clean up,changed and back church for Program 1 and Program 2.

So..Program 2..5pm something,Group Shammah went Pudu Ulu fly kites!But too bad,no wind at play monkeys ball with the guys for while..and 7pm we went Jason's house pot luck
=) Chit-chat..Makan..Fellowship..FUN!Hahaha..and around 10pm reach a while..just 15minutes..My eyes cannot tahan anymore..10.15pm K.O on my bed o(>﹏<)o Alarm hvn't set straight away K.O..Hehehe..Luckily the next morning 8am my mom wake me up o(^﹏^)o If not,dunno I will sleep until what time ler xD 9am went church worship and class,after class around 2pm something went out makan till 4.30pm and back home..Tired~ Take bath,prepared,rest for while and 5.30pm Irene came and fetch me to church for Outreach night =) 9pm something around 10pm reach home..pheww..letih..but better then saturday xD Afterthat,online till 12am something and slept.Then this morning 11am something when i was still sleeping,my brother knock the door..haha..Oh!Suet Ling and Mun Teng came my house..So i faster wake up and bath then chit-chat with them.Nice~ hahaha..That's all for today.. xD


Prepare for the slide xD




monkeys ball..


Kimberly,me,peitze and samantha!

Jason house @ pot luck!

= Good night =
= Lee Choo =

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