Friday, October 9, 2009


Hello!PMR started since yesterday and today the second day which i sit for my PMR =D Update my blog..relax myself..Msn chat with my favourite friends..listen to songs..check Facebook..update status..take some quiz..How nice?haha..PMR students!Don't over stress yourselves ya xP Errm..Yesterday 07.10am reached school but teachers said 07am have to reach school..But end up?07.30am only gather at the tapak perhimpunan..Guess what?Haha..School provide Dettol Antibaterial cleaner to wash our hand..Mask,everyone wore like Ninja and use something like Fever Scan and Scan everyone of us,see whether got H1N1 or have to do this 3 same things throughout this 5days...Hahaha..When i reach home..camwhore with my brother caps for while xD Don't scold me if you know xP Errm..Tomorrow Geografi paper..Ok!7 papers to go =)

We must wear like this

Curi-curi take photo with my brother
"UNITY" hat xP

With "Active Yellow"

"Active Red"

Kill This Hype @ Red

Kill This Hype @ Black

= Bye Bye=
= Good Night =

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