Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Tag by Darlin Sam

where are you now?: home
why are you there?: because i stay there..
is there anyone you know around you?: of course
define yourself in 1 word now: blur..o.O?

who is/are the:-
first person you kissed?: Mommy..
male and female you've first held hands with? (not including family) and y?
male: Duno..
female: Iris..because we play together lor..
describe them in one word: good
is/are your best friends/close to?:
male: duno..
Female: wow! Iris,Suet Ling,Mun Teng,Sam,Sue Lyn,PT and a lot la..
who can u go to for best advice?: my best friends..
the one you miss now?: him?
do you wish to see now?: him?

have you ever had/ have:-
your heart broken b4? by who?: no?
someone you want to spend your life with?: o.O
changed a person's life?: yea
cheated on someone b4?: no?
boycott someone b4?: nope.

now, those who are your best friends are all tag!
tag another 2 who less update: errmm..Iris and yenteng la.. hehe..

dont let them down! =>

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