Friday, December 11, 2009

♥ Heart you all! ♥

In Group Shammah..yes,this year..I get to close with this 3 fella..LoL..Which means Samantha,Sue Lyn and PeiTze.Samantha,haha..close with her since Camp Transformation a lot inside the bus while on the way to Camp side and till today =) Haha..we chat and shared a lot with each other xD Thank you! =] Sue Lyn,her brother brought her to church because she love singing..she join us for Song Fest 2009 and till Now =) She very friendly =3 get close with her too =] Pei Tze, ermm..*speechless*..LoL!Haha..She Loves.. Crazy,Paranoid,Hyper,Emo and Lover of BBQ CYZ (chu yau zha!)..haha..that's all lar.Thanks all of you for being with me all the time =)

Darling Sam & Me .

Dear Lyn & Me.

CYZ & Me.

Tiga Orang!

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