Wednesday, December 30, 2009

You make my day! =)

This week is the last week of year 2009!Next week,a new start..A New Beginning! =)

Today the whole day stay at,listen to music..,do house work..,bake cookies..,dreaming..Boringggg..quite emo =( haha..and 5pm+ chat with Davina and 8pm+ Samantha online..haha..thn Davina said together go and tease so we did..but fail..LOL..just a while then Davina off dy.Luckily Samantha online,called me..haha..then talk..blablabla till 11pm..and Msn she did record her "laugh" thru Voice Clip lol Funnyy!I did saved at my laptop xP Really,I laugh until my stomach pain while talking with her xD Laugh-Non-Stop..Really!haha..She did laugh too..i heard.."hahahahaa & hehehe " LOL!Duno la..whatever you said or do also Funny wan..haha..and ya,thanks for the song you sing arh..[From this moment 'mm oi']hahahaha! You make my day! =) thank you thank you =P

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