Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Smile =)

Hahaha..Why I put Smile =) as my title? Cause I want everyone of you Smile =) Happy always and Smile always!and ya,yesterday went Secret Recipe =D Order Chocolate Cheese,but end up Chocolate Cheese Habis dy.Again?2 days 2 days also finish dy =( Hahaha..So,Iris hvn't try Durian Durian before,then I order Durian Durian and she order Mango Delight =D Taste quite nice =] hehe..

My Cake!

Iris Cake!
Mango Delight...

Me and Iris..
♥12 years Friendship =)

p/s : I want more Activities for my holiday please...Movie?Shopping?Outing?Yam Cha?Anything lar..I WANT!!Anyone?If yes,ajak me yea =P Hahaha..thanks..xD

= Lee Choo =

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