Sunday, December 6, 2009

I Love You , Group Shammah 2009!

Yesterday,last group meeting with Group Shammah..Next week change new Group..gonna miss you guys dy =( I Love this group very much, really brings a lot of Fun and our Fellowship our Relationship,Awesome!Of course,I've learned a lot of things from each other =) We grow,we learned to share with our brothers and sisters,as One Big Family in Group Shammah =D Errmm,yea..Group Shammah really Fantastic!Love this Group =]

The last picture with
Group Shammah!
D-DAY! =)

Shammah Bowling! =)

Shammah Amazing Race!
Finish our Race! =)

My birthday =)
Thanks dearest brothers n sisters!
Appreciated! ;)

Group Shammah! =)

Shammah fellowship! =)

Shammah Mid-Auturm festival! =)

Shammah Commander J's house
fellowship! =)

Shammah Irene Birthday =)

Gabai trip with

Shammah gabai trip! =)

Shammah =)

Shammah Kok Yeong : 21st Birthday!=)

Shammah Linus ; 21st Birthday! =)

Song Festival!
Shammah number One! =)

Shammah Song Fest 09' =)

Shammah fellowship! =)

S-H-A-M-M-A-H! =)

Shammah Warrior!
Warrior Night =)

Shammah BBQ!

River rafting with
Shammah!! =)

Shammah Badminton! =)

Shammah Football! =)

Shammah Cheerleading! =)

Group Shammah! =)

The first Group picture! =)

One Shammah!

For Glory and Honour,

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